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A site is the largest unit of your farming operation and consists of one or more collocated management units (e.g. cropping areas, sensitive areas and mitigation zones). For management units that are not collocated, create multiple sites.

Create a site:

  1. Under Select/Describe a Site click
  2. Enter a site name, e.g. “Smith Orchard”
  3. You may optionally type a description of the site for your reference.
  4. Click to finish.

Select a Site:

  1. Selecting a Site will display its Management Units below or give you the option to create new Management Units.
  2. To select a Site, click in the row you wish to select.
  3. A selected row will be green:
      Greensleeves Orchard

Edit a site:

  1. Click next to the site you wish to edit.
  2. A Site ready for editing will look like this:
  3. Here you can change the site name or description.
  4. Click to delete the Site and all of its associated Management Units, Scenarios and Applications.
  5. Click to accept changes.
  6. Click to cancel the operation without saving changes.

Delete a site:

  1. Click next to the site you wish to delete.
  2. Click
  3. Confirm that you wish to delete the site – note: all associated Management Units, Scenarios and Applications will also be deleted.