natural enemy coccinellidae IPM
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IPM PRiME at Oregon State University

syrphid fly predaceous on aphids and other small, soft-bodied insects.

...provides improved security and usability, and will continue to deliver new tools and enhancements on a regular basis. ipmPRiME serves US and international agriculture with applications in research, education and extension. International users will gain access to a suite of risk assessment procedures during 2014.

For an IPM Institute of North America, Inc. application, please go to ipmprime*dot*com

Pesticide Risk Assessement for Integrated Pest Management

Farm: Evaluate pest management options using science-based tools.

System: Analyze patterns of many growers and sites.


First Time

This best science pesticide risk mitigation engine calculates risks depending on pesticide application methods, toxicity, properties, and site-specific drivers of risk. IpmPRiME supports decision making for risk reduction to humans, water-borne, soil-borne, and terrestrial organisms.



The ipmPRiME pesticide risk mitigation engine calculates the pesticide risk footprints on birds, fishes, small mammals, aquatic invertebrates, algae, and human bystanders. ipmPRiME's pesticide product database is easy to use. To learn more, view our Frequently Asked Questions.